My wearable art has been available online for more than seven years; I have been experimenting with
dyes and fabrics for more than three decades

Strong, vivid color combinations are my specialty. Experimenting is a consistent joy; I draw my design
inspiration from natural forms and the interplay between negative and positive space. First and foremost, I am
a painter.

I use only the best quality silks. My favorite is 16.5mm stone-washed crepe
de Chine due to its luxurious texture, with chiffon as a close second. 19.5mm silk satin charmeuse is to die for.

The fine "hand" of the silk is unaffected by wax or resists because I apply dye directly to the scarves,
thickened with a seaweed-based thickener. Fiber-reactive dyes bind chemically with the fibers and are
permanently vibrant. Each scarf and necktie is a signed original painting. My floral designs are done from life,
not from photographs; I don't know digital tricks and would never use them if I did.
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